Filter Data Across Many Layers

07-20-2020 04:19 PM
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Hi ArcGIS Dashboards‌ team!


I am trying to create a feature within an operations dashboard for user role selection where the user clicks on one of 7 roles on a radio button or button bar and the map then only displays the layers that are relevant for that user type. However, I have many layers that I am trying to connect to my buttons (police stations, fire stations, hospitals, ambulance stations, FEMA headquarters, airports, to name a few). So say the user is a city manager and only needs to see police, fire, and ambulance stations, for example. Once the user clicks on the "City Manager" radio or button bar button, the FEMA headquarters, airports, and hospital layers should be filtered out. As another example, if the user had a choice between "City Manager" and "State Employee" buttons, and the user clicked the "State Employee" button, they may only want to see the hospitals, airports, and FEMA headquarters layers. Hence, the layers being viewed would reside within the button filtering. Currently I don't see a great way of connecting multiple layers to a single button and having it filter accordingly. Is there a work around for this functionality?

James Tedrick‌, have you had any other requests or comments that are similar?

Thank you,

Dustin Baumbach, PhD

Loma Linda University

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