Filter by Map Extent was Working, now Causes Issues

10-05-2021 01:39 PM
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I am encountering an odd issue concerning filter by map extent in Dashboards. As of a few days ago, I had two perfectly operational dashboards showing data from two separate web maps and layers. These dashboards are almost exact copies, just different data being shown.  As of today, one of the dashboards started to exhibit odd behavior, displaying "0" in the indicator widgets and some other widgets displaying "No Data".

After some fidgeting I found that by disabling "filter by map extent" for all the widgets, all of the data and numbers would display correctly again, albeit without the ability to filter by map extent now. Whenever I attempt to turn back on filter by map extent, the widgets go back to "0" and "No Data". I tried zooming out to the entire world to see if maybe the records were somehow being counted as being somewhere else, but even at max zoom out, "0" and "No Data" were all I got. 

My question is: what behavior could have caused this? We did not perform any updates to the dashboards or underlying web maps in the last few weeks, so I am led to believe it is something external causing the issue. I'm further stumped by the fact that our other dashboard has "filter by map extent" enabled, yet is not showing any of these issues. Has anyone else experienced this? Any known solutions?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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Update: I imported the problematic dashboard to Dashboards Classic and I re-enabled filter by map extent. It works perfectly as intended. Perhaps this is a bug introduced by the September dashboards update?

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