Error when trying to access URL: "The server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseStatusLine"

03-25-2015 01:45 AM
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When I enter the URL of my organization in Operations Dashboard, I get an error saying "The server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseStatusLine".

However, I can access the URL in any browser.

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Hi Wan,

  1. What version of windows do you have installed, what version of Dashboard?
  2. Are you using an online organization or Portal?
  3. Does the org have any dashes or spaces in the name?



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Hi Chris,

1. Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, Dashboard

2. ArcGIS Online

3. It has dashes. (

We are able to access the URL on any Internet Browser.

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We figured out that this was a proxy issue with Operations Dashboard. We installed Fiddler to see the traffic, and somehow Fiddler helps to parse the response, and tolerates the malformed http requests made when using Operations Dashboard.

Basically, Fiddler acts as a proxy, and gives a correct response onto the client machine with all the information that it parses from the headers.

After reaching out to Esri Development team about this issue, they provided the following response:

“Starting in Operations Dashboard 10.2, a mechanism was added that will allow Operations Dashboard to detect a proxy server much like Internet Explorer does. Operations Dashboard sends and receives web requests in the same manner as Internet Explorer. The proxy server would need to properly configured with any/all certificates, ports, etc. on the client machine before using Operations Dashboard. If the proxy server is set up properly at the operating system level, then Operations Dashboard should automatically detect it. This means that there is no additional configuration that needs to be done with Operations Dashboard.”

Basically, this means that we have to work with the network administrator to ensure that our proxy server is set up properly to run Operations Dashboard, or else this kind of issue will continue to happen. This type of issue was initially logged as a software bug, but it was turned down as designed, because user will need to configure proxy on their machine, and not in Operations Dashboard itself.

I hope anyone who reads this finds this information helpful. Glad to share it to everyone!