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02-07-2022 09:44 PM
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I have covid data for different wards of Bangalore. While uploading csv as webmap. I have selected the symbology such that it displays a particular ward as (red) when the count is highest and so on. The count in this case is the monthly average.

Now I have configured my dashboard and I would like to select a particular date and the dashboard should display the highest count for that particular date and highlight the ward (in red colour). For different dates, different wards would have have highest covid numbers. Hence I would like the symbology to change as I select different dates.

Is it possible to do such customizations, if so how?

can javascript be used within the dashboard to achieve this feature, if so,please suggest any leads/help document or blogs

I am working with version 10.9



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I have a similar question - I would like to build custom models, with tax parcels as the geographical unit, using number selectors in dashboards, and have the parcel symbology change as the selectors change. 

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