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10-08-2021 01:20 PM
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It'd be great if it was possible to download data from a dashboard in the same format that it's presented in the dashboard, particularly for lists. I've got a bunch of data styled in an excel type format in a dashboard and it'd be great if people could download that data in the same format that it is displayed on the dashboard so it's easier for end users to understand.

Right now, the download option in Dashboards downloads all fields, including fields not included in the list and uses the 'Field Name' not 'Field Alias' which makes it harder to understand. 

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We are also experiencing this issue. I have a hosted layer view that has about 10 fields that is used to populate a list element in a dashboard. When users download data out of the list, it downloads all fields in the source data, including those that are excluded from the view. Also agree that field names are not user friendly and may be difficult to understand for end users.  

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It may be that although you can download all fields (as the layer owner), your users will not be able to. Try logging in with another account or getting someone else to test it. See the solution in this post.

That said, I totally agree with the suggestion that tables be downloaded with field name aliases rather than field names, and it would be great if only the fields included in the dashboard element were downloaded. Having to create multiple views to achieve this behavior is a good workaround, but it would save a lot of time if it weren't necessary. 

- Holly
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