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Date selector with Range drops the Actions like Filter the List when a range is selected

01-24-2018 06:15 PM
New Contributor III

I need to filter the incidents by different date ranges, so I've added a Date Selector and selected "Range" for the Date Picker - with min & max defaults as None. I've added actions to the date selector to filter the List, Indicator, Serial and Pie Charts, but when I select a min and max date, nothing happens.  When I check the Configuration for the Date Selector, all the Actions have been dropped.


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Esri Contributor

Hi Marie-Louise Labuschagne‌,

Sorry to hear about your frustration. Were you able to get it working by redoing the configuration of the filter action and targets?

It is possible that it was due to a change made to a setting somewhere that impacted the action/target definitions, causing them to reset. Or, it could simply be a bug. I haven't been able to reproduce it. Any tips would be appreciated. 


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