Dashboards Serial Chart Data is Invisible?

03-02-2022 01:53 PM
New Contributor

So, I am using the newer Dashboards interface and was making a serial chart showing the sum of 3 different fields. Prior to choosing the fields, the chart said 'No Data', which made sense as there was no data selected yet. I then selected the 3 fields I wanted to use. The 'No Data' message disappeared indicating that it recognized that there was data in the chart, but no chart was visible at all. I was also not given the option to modify the color scheme of the columns (which makes sense since there was none!!). So, why, if the Serial Chart is able to recognize that I've selected data to use, is it not showing up? Picture included of this blank chart.

For additional context, I created other elements like Indicators with the same layer I was basing the Serial Chart off of, so no issues with the data there. I switched over to Dashboards Classic, used EXACTLY the same set up and was able to get a chart.

Any thoughts? Is this a known bug? I wasn't able to find any other posts documenting this issue.

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