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05-09-2021 07:34 PM
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hello Geo Community I brought some question for you 

How to Symbolize the polygon data through “Selector” on ArcGIS Dashboard.

Customer has data containing number of mobile message sent so far (2011yr~2012yr) categorized by different disaster warning. The Feature is polygon which indicates how many times Disaster Warning message have sent to citizens in specific area. We can symbolize gradually each area by “Symbolizing” tool through Web Map. However Customer want to see on Dashboard by filtering or selecting the year and disaster type so that the Map on the dashboard is able to be changed to see which area has sent disaster warning message more or less than other area showing graduated symbols using Selector or any other interactive tools provided on the dashboard. I could not find the way of implementing the changes of map interactively since the selector filters the area in which the message has sent certain amount of numbers rather than changing colors referring the number of message sent.

So I would like to know the function or the way that we can show graduate symbol effect through any other tab, button, or selector. Or At least, is this possible through ArcGIS Dashboard? Should we make it in other app and should embed on the dashboard? or is there any certain data scheme for that



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