Dashboard "Data Download" Only Downloads Field Names

10-22-2021 01:12 PM
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Hi all - I am using the new Data Download feature in both a Serial Chart and an Indicator in my dashboard.

I have set the hosted feature layer settings to allow export and am logged in. When I download from the Serial Chart and select Source Data, a .csv downloads (named with a long series of numbers, which sometimes even starts with a negative sign) and in the .csv is nothing but the data's field names. If I download Summarized Data, I get a .csv with the name of my serial chart and the properly summarized data. A data download with the Indicator provides the same result of just including the field names. I've tried the download with my data filtered to a small set of data in case there was some limitation on the number of records, but still have the issue.

Has anyone else had this happen? It seems like the Download Data feature is buggy. 

ArcGIS Dashboards version:4.21.0 revision:10a0afb130

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