Dashboard Map Legend Layer Names Not Showing

06-09-2020 09:07 AM
New Contributor


I’m having a problem with the layer names not showing up in the Map widget of the operations dashboard app. This is happening with Legend and Select layer menus enabled (see pictures below/attached). I have enabled Show Legend in the Web Map itself and the names Are showing up in the Map Legend widget.

The problem seems to be in the dashboard itself – I can import this map into other dashboards and everything shows up fine, but if I import another map into this dashboard it has the same issue. If I make a copy of this dashboard the problem copies over too.


Hoping there’s a setting or something I’m missing. I have done a lot of configuring on this dashboard and do Not want to have to start from scratch. Have tried changing browsers (firefox to chrome) and clearing the cache on both the dashboard and the map.

Thank you for any help/ideas.

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