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05-07-2014 12:03 PM
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Here is a running list of items that we are creating as we develop business solutions using AGOL and dashboard.  If you have answers/suggestions for any of these, please let us know???

Web map:
1. Aliases - Sometimes aliases are maintained and sometimes they are not.  When we look at a feature class in the SQL server database via ArcCatalog, we can see proper aliases.  When a service is generated from that database, sometimes aliases are lost and they must be setup in AGOL web map again.  This is very important because we maintain attribute names in more than one language.

1. See Dashboard forum titled: Support for related tables in Operations Dashboard.
2. Floating windows minimized by default - If I am in edit mode and I save the dashboard, remember if my windows were minimized.  Next time I or user starts dashboard, certain windows should be minimized.
3. Need Auto-arrange tool - a configurable tool that allows the developer to arrange all windows (docked and not docked) in an optimal way.  If the user messes up the arrangement and gets confused, they can click the auto-arrange tool to bring it back to an orderly layout.

Dashboard query widget:
1. When I edit an existing query, the original query configuration is reset so I must begin from scratch.
2. I can configure a Hint but it does not show when query is executed.
3. We need to have one Query widget with multiple queries of various data sources.  Now, I have can only have one data source per query widget so the user ends up with a bunch of query windows.

Dashboard list widget:
1. Need the ability to change the symbol and font size in the list.  Symbols for polygons are really big and use space unnecessarily.
2. On double click, allow 2 actions. Example, zoom to and select when a user double clicks.  Examples:  The user can execute an action to Select the record in a list and it will then show in the Detail widget but it does not show on the map ??? which is counterintuitive.  The user can execute an action to Zoom To the record in the list and then they will see it on the map but the Detail widget does not update until they Select the record ??? which is counterintuitive.

Dashboard detail widget:
1. If the attribute list is long that displays in the Detail widget, you cannot resize the detail widget window to be short.  We need have control over resizing the window to any length required.

Dashboard Select tool ??? bug:
1.  Use the Select tool on the top map menu bar to select several features on the map.  I have 2 lists on the dashboard.  If I select some points from list 1 and some polygons from list 2 using the same select operation (draw a box around records on the map), the selected list 2 records show in the Selected list 2 Detail window but the selected list 1 records do not show in the Selected list 1 Detail window.  I have rebuilt the two lists in a new dashboard and find the same behavior except switched.  It seems as though dashboard Select tool picks a list to interact with ??? seemingly randomly.  Once the Select list is picked dashboard stays with it.

Dashboard popup:
1. User needs to be able to drag and move it out of the way a little.  It is constantly in the way and stuck to the page.

Thank you...
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Debra - thank you very much for this great feedback! We are in consideration of a number of these requests already (related tables for example) and some of what you have posted are new requests to us.

Thank you!!

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Here is an important item to add to the wish list:  A robust Print Map widget.  We are finding this is a big one. 

We need a print widget with versatile options for formatting the map, legend, and locator map.  We are using the addin at: http://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html...2ad603cd7e9876 according to ESRI tech advice via the forum.  If there is another option, please let us know.
- Need to markup the map and print the markups.
- The locator map - Need to be able to turn it off when we add the legend to the map to print.
- There is no north arrow.  If we flip the map in the print widget, we don�??t know which way is north.
- Optionally print gauges or bar graphs or pie charts on the map.
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SMART TOC FOR DASHBOARD:  Are there any plans to develop a smart table of contents widget for dashboard? User navigation and overall experience would be much improved if we could right click on a layer in the TOC and have the functionality that the list of layers has.