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Dashboard Datepicker Selector - default to past week

05-18-2023 08:47 AM
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We are developing a dashboard to display data trends. We're dealing with tens of thousands of data points, so the dashboard can be slow to initially load.

I'd love to be able to set the default dates in my date-picker to show only the past week's worth of data, easing the load-time for the user, and reducing needless of loading high volumes data from ESRI servers.

Currently using the Datepicker Selector, we have the following options for default min values: 'None/Today/Fixed'. My suggestion would be to add a 'Past X days/months/years' option for the default min dates in a date picker.

This would allow us to always show up-to-date data, with lower overheads. Most of our users will only care about the past week or so, but we will still have requirements to report on quarterly and historic figures too.

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