Dashboard Beta and Dashboard Classic Serial Chart Not Showing Data Correctly

04-26-2021 02:26 AM
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Hello -

I have been using Operations Dashboard Beta since summer 2020 and really like using it, but recently I noticed an error with the way serial charts are showing count data by Creation Date in Dashboards Beta.  I'm using the same data and will show screenshots.

Dashboard Classic (display all five records by date in the Serial Chart)


Dashboard Classic (Show Data Table has five records)


Dashboard Classic (Serial Chart by Work Order shows all five records)



Dashboard Beta (displays only four records by date in the Serial Chart)


Dashboard Beta (Serial Chart by Work Order shows all five records)



Dashboard Beta (Show Data Table has  five records)


Is this a known bug in Dashboards Beta? It's a bit annoying because I have an Indicator Element that shows the correct Count, but when the corresponding Serial Chart by Creation Date is not correct, my Users don't understand. When I use another Field (i.e. by Work Order nr. in the Serial Chart the count is correct).

Thanks in advance for any assistance the Operations Dashboard Team can provide. Have a great day!

Best regards,

Colleen Madigan Schelde




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Hello Esri -

I'm having the same issue with a new Dashboard that I'm planning on putting into production in June. This has me very worried about using Dashboard Beta. I have tested in both Chrome and Edge browsers and refreshing them multiple times. I get the same error in the Dashboard Edit and Dashboard View.  See screenshots below:


Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide me with.

Best regards,

Colleen Madigan Schelde


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Dear Esri, Colleen,

I have the same issue in Dashboards (formerly known as Beta & Classic). When summarizing the length of the features by date, the serial chart does not display the sum correctly. The sum is only displayed correctly when choosing 'year' as time period (see attached images).

Hopefully there will be a solution soon, as this behavior cannot be explained to the customer. Thank you in advance for looking into this issue.

Kinds regards,

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Hi All,

I've had the same bugs and issues and am awaiting a call back from ESRI tech support on the matter. I'm glad in a relieved way it not just me, but unfortunate the issue is not isolated. Interested to see where it goes.

Thanks & best regards,

Jansen Lyons - Records and GIS Section - Public Works - City of Rio Rancho, NM
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Is there a solution yet for this issue? I am having a similar problem and it appears that there is no solution yet. 

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