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Custom Popup Display HTML Issues

10-20-2020 06:03 AM
New Contributor III

I have a dashboard created to display our capital projects from a web map that has a "custom attribute display". I followed the same instructions for this popup configuration as the answer here: Problem with the Capital Projects Solution Deployment tool to create the project status. 

However, the alignment of the table cell text does not seem to work properly in dashboards. It displays it perfectly in the web map, but when a feature is clicked on in the dashboard it doesn't display it correctly. I tried recreating a new web map with a new dashboard and using the exact same html code for the popup as the abovementioned blog, and the same issue exists.

This is what the popup display is in the web map:

And this is the popup display in the dashboard. You can see from the dotted lines the text seems to have shifted to the right for all 3 cells and does not respect the center alignment set in the HTML code. 

I have played around with the alignment and the HTML text, however it does not seem to be visually represented correctly in dashboards.

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