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Creating dashboard with IFC data

04-17-2024 09:03 PM
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Hi, I’m trying to create a dashboard from my BIM model. The scene viewer was created and the model was published on arcgisonline. When I create my dashboard I can input my scene view but the data of my model isn’t available on dashboard creation options.

Similarly issue seems to happened with .dwg format. 

how can I use this data to create my dashboard? If it is any option that I can do It… even in another ESRI product

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Hello @PauloSantosBIM 

Currently those capabilities are not available. What attributes are you thinking of using?  PSET 


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Morning Paulo - What data are you looking to use? And, what are you trying to do with that data?

Martin Copping
Product Manager, ArcGIS Online - Dashboards
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I was wondering if ArcGIS Dashboard could be an alternative for Power BI in BIM data presentations.

Here’s the problem I’m facing: there are some psets whose information I want to create queries and filters for visualization on the Dashboard.

For example, if I include the information 'alignment' in some psets and use the values 'viaduct' and 'roadway'. When I filter all the 'alignment=roadway' values, I want the area and volume values classified by IFC-entity to appear.

It is possible? Use the BIM psets or element information as a data to my dashboard? 

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