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Control sequence of bars in serial chart

05-08-2022 11:27 PM
Occasional Contributor

the actual values / labels might not be suitable for sorting (see example below), I therefore would need 'manual control' over their ordering, just as I have for bar symbology. Inserting an extra field into the source table / feature service of course should be avoided.

would this be an enhancement request, or is it doable in any way I have not figured out yet?

thanks, j




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I know you can sort ascending or descending so the bars would show the one with the highest value on one end and the lowest value on the other end.  But if you want manual control over sorting, I would repost this on the Ideas page as a new enhancement.


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Hye, I think this article may help you achieve the desired outcome. 

How To: Sort the ArcGIS Dashboards serial chart category by a custom order (

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