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Connect Embedded ArcGIS Dashboard Filters to Experience Builder Table

11-10-2022 06:50 AM
New Contributor II

I am working on a Dashboard that uses selectors on the sidebar to filter options in a guided fashion (i.e. Select City THEN Zoning District THEN Additional Criteria (Parcel Info)). These filters automatically update indicators (i.e. Gauge (Percent of parcels that meet filtered criterial), Total Parcels, and a Table).

The issue I am having is allowing the user (public users without AGOL) to be able to follow the filters that update the attribute table and be able to export the filtered data as a CSV file. This option is available in the Dashboard, but it says it is only can be used by AGOL users with a Viewer license. I was wondering if there is a workaround by connecting the Dashboard directly to the Experience Builder Table Widget that can be updated similar to the Dashboard table when the Dashboard Filters are triggered?

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