Changing Default dashboard details element photo size

11-13-2020 10:36 AM
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Is it possible to change the default extent of a photo (media) shown within the details element? Right now the default image size is very large and requires scrolling down to see entire photo. I would like just to have a smaller thumbnail that can be clicked on similar to the pop-up and then expanded if needed.

Json = 

"type": "detailsWidget",
"showTitle": false,
"showContents": true,
"showMedia": true,
"showAttachments": false,
"datasets": [
"type": "serviceDataset",
"dataSource": {
"id": "66034038-d515-416e-bf87-3dc39c821b96#STN_LACPW_Deficiency_Ratings_20201104_5428"
"outFields": [
"groupByFields": [],
"orderByFields": [
"Panel_Number asc"
"statisticDefinitions": [],
"maxFeatures": 25000,
"querySpatialRelationship": "esriSpatialRelIntersects",
"returnGeometry": false,
"clientSideStatistics": false,
"name": "main"
"id": "4aa83e98-14c9-42f3-9f1f-407a99474b4e",
"name": "Deficiency_Details_Photos",
"showLastUpdate": false,
"noDataVerticalAlignment": "middle",
"showCaptionWhenNoData": true,
"showDescriptionWhenNoData": true

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Any resolution (pun intended) to this issue.  I would like to resize the default as well. 

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