Change map for Operations Dashboard - configuration of Serial Charts

03-14-2019 07:30 AM
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I have an Operations Dashboard with a map and four Serial Charts showing data from a related table from the referenced map. 

Now the access to this related table (and to the four other related tables in the map) needs to be restricted depending on the user. (as described here: Filter (view) on related tables ) Unfortunately nobody had an idea yet, how to achieve this except of actually saving copies of the datasets and deleting the content that the user is not allowed to see which is not very userfriendly for the creator of the data. 

Now I have maps for each user depending on the data he is allowed to see and want to use these maps now in my Operations Dashboard instead of the original one. While it wouldn't be an issue to show all points and even using the original related tables for the serial charts, the issue is that if I share the original map with the organization, the user that is supposed to have an restricted access, will have access to the full tables.

So if I want to use now the maps with the reduced tables, there does not seem to be an easy way of 1 - changing the map inside my operations dashboard and 2 - changing the referenced tables for the serial charts. From what we figured so far, we could change the map in AGO assistant but we would still have to reconfigure each single serial chart from the scratch although the newly referenced data has the same structure as the old datatable. This is really annoying and very time consuming. Isn't there an easier way?!

Thank you for your ideas!

Nicole Ueberschär‌ already looked into it but couldn't find a satisfying solution... 

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