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Can you standardize dashboard display settings so all users can see the same layout/display when accessing the dashboard regardless of what size monitor they are using?

09-09-2020 07:01 AM
New Contributor

I have created a Dashboard on a large desktop computer. When the link to access the dashboard is shared with other users, the display of the dashboard is different depending on the screen size of the monitor from which you access the dashboard. For example, titles of indicator elements are cut off on smaller screens, default map extent changes, etc. Is there a way to standardize this across all platforms so all users see same the layout/display regardless of what size monitor they are using? This makes it difficult to edit the dashboard on a desktop AND laptop as the display is different on both of these devices.

I have created a separate dashboard for mobile devices. This question is specifically for accessing the dashboard using a computer. Can upload images of the problem, if needed.

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