ArcGIS Dashboards - Intermittent Connectivity | Wiping Cached Data

12-20-2021 09:00 AM
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Good Morning ESRI,

I have been setting up a great Dashboard to help our field staff manage their inspection and made a Survey123 form to do all this great work. In my original design based on "ArcGIS Dashboards Classic" there was support for intermittent connectivity in that a map could be loaded up in the cache with data presented on the map and the workflow would continue uninterrupted until online again.


I have noticed with the new version of Dashboards the cache seems to be wiped when the device looses connectivity to the internet? I am not sure if this was because of how it is newly designed or if this can be allowed still in the new version of the software? This was critical for the offline workflow in the field and is one of major reasons why we still need to use the Classic version.


Maybe one of the developers can assist me with this and what happened?


Here are some images of the workflow & what happens in the new version:

1. Operators in the field have individualized dashboards of their work using URL Parameters:


2. Operators can click on their list of work to do and zoom to the Tile with the associated Inspections:


3. Operators can click the assignments and launch their inspection forms using the link to Survey123:


Here is what happens when you go offline:

ArcGIS Dashboards Classic:

- Popups could be opened & Survey123 could still launch (So long as the link did not require Arcade)

- Map could be panned and all data would remain within the extent that was loaded when previously online.

(Arcade must not be used or link would not open)

(Zooming must not be done as the data would be unloaded)


ArcGIS Dashboards:

- Popups cannot be opened in general

- Map cannot be panned without loosing data




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Hello ESRI,

I would like to bump this, I need help as the only other options for an offline workflow would be to migrate my the workflow to Field Maps

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