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ArcGIS Dashboard Category Selector grouped value selection hangs.

07-08-2021 08:31 AM
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has anyone experienced dashboard hang after clicking Grouped Values and selecting layer in Category Selector in ArcGIS Dashboard?

One our customer has two ArcGIS Servers (one hosted and other just federated, no other differences I have found so far)  both with one ArcGIS Portal, everything  at version 10.8.1.

Feauture service published on federated server always ends with Dashboard hanging when layer is selected in Grouped Value of Category Selector.

Feature service (same sde data in same database, same way of publishing, same service/layer json properties) on hosted arcgis server works fine in Category Selector>Grouped Values selection.

I was unable to simulate this problem in our enviornement no matter if serve was/was not hosted/federated/standalone. Only difference I have observed in our ceustomer's test is in their layer icon in grouped value selction.

in working scenario there is polygon layer icon 



in problematic there is undefined layer icon


Has anyone encountered similar problem?



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