Adding dynamic data from a MySQL server as layer to Dashboard

09-04-2020 02:41 AM
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I am trying to get my head around Dashboards.

One thing that I am struggling with, is how to add dynamic data that is served from an external MySQL server in CSV format to a dashboard. While it is easy to add the data to the Map Viewer (via "Add > Add Layer from Web"), it appears as if it is not as easy to add the dynamic data source to a Dashboard.

These expect the data to be present as layer that, if accessed via the web, must either be ArcGIS Server web service, KML, WMS (OGC), WFS (OGC), WMTS (OGC). There is also the option document, which simply imports the data as a table but does not make it available to the Dashboard as layer (e.g. to develop a time-series graph).

Is it possible to save data from the Map Viewer as layer to be used in Dashboards? Or is there a way to establish layers from dynamically served CSV data?

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We are working on something similar.  We have a SQL database.  In order to have a dynamic dashboard, in other words, when the SQL database is updated, we want the dashboard to update automatically. So far, this is what works for us.  Your database information must be in the datastore in order for your dashboard to be dynamic.  One other note, we are using Enterprise not ArcGIS online.  Once the datastore is functional, I used ArcPRO and had to use Make Event Layer NOT Display x, y to map the data.  When we used Display x,y and published to the enterprise,  and then tried to create a dashboard, we received an error that we couldn't use the data. Turns out when we used Make Event Layer, then published, we could create a dashboard.  We tested it and it did update. That is where we are at.  Trying to nail down the workflow. Thought I would share as it sounds you maybe in a similar situation. 

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