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1:Many Relationship with AGOL Dashboards and Webmaps

10-01-2019 08:27 AM
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We have been working to build a dashboard that displays our live streaming data (from CAD). We used a series of SQL query layers, Python scripts, and Window Task scheduling to pull the live data into a Dashboard to achieve some awesome results (Currently, we do not have Enterprise and so are working from AGOL). All of this being said, we still have one small problem to overcome.

When we initially pulled our 3 data tables into ArcGIS Pro (SQL query layer from CAD data tables), we  included a 1:M  within the query that attached the Active Master Incident Call table,  to a separate Comment Table that has several rows of comments per single Master Incident #. 

It worked beautifully within ArcGIS Pro however, after we published it as a webmap, we could only see the last comment made. For example: Master Incident # 1 will only display the last comment attached to that master incident. So if there are 15 rows of comments, then only comment #15 displays within our webmap and subsequently, our dashboard. 

We need to see all rows of comments that are attached to the Master Incident # or it defeats the purpose of relating them to begin with. I thought perhaps there was a setting within the pop-ups that I missed but no luck. I have also been reading through the discussions, but have not found anything that gives me direction on how to proceed with this. 

Guidance is much appreciated!!

Thank you

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