Workforce - Add Worker Name and Assignment Type to Assignments

03-25-2020 05:52 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Please consider somehow adding Worker Name and Assignment Type description fields to the Assignments layer of Workforce projects without the need for Arcade or other workarounds.

Currently, dashboard is unable to pull in arcade expressions, so I cannot display worker names in the List widget. Instead, I have to enable an action to open a pop-up that displays the arcade expression value of worker name when you click on a List item. You also cannot order by label name in dashboard charts, so even if you manually entered in every worker's full name for each WorkerId - a tedious process that requires manual updates as workers change - your graph still orders by WorkerId instead of alphabetically by name. 

The useful descriptions of Worker Name and Assignment type could also more easily be brought into other applications like webhooks used in Survey 123. I still have not figured out how I can display the assignment type and worker name in an email sent after submission of a survey created from a view of the assignments feature layer. I can only bring in WorkerId and the AssignmentType integer values, which are not helpful to the email recipient.

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Domain descriptions should always propagate across the entire ArcGIS Platform. Nobody ever wants to see the code value that represents a something meaningful to people in the real world.