Webhook Capability for Indicator Thresholds

07-15-2021 03:12 PM
Status: Open
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Hi Everyone,

I have several dashboards that pull data from webhook enabled Survey123 forms and other sources to be shown as indicators. @DerekLaw confirmed that as of July 2021/this posting, that webhooks do not work for indicators, and so I was curious what I could do with the indicators more than just representation. What actions could be done?

  • My suggestion idea for Dashboards would be to somehow enable indicators and/or related features on a dashboard to support the capacity for webhook use.

For example: after a milestone or annual goal for inspections is met as shown by preset indicator, a webhook could activate as it watches this indicator and send out an announcement to admins, inspectors, or the public for information and scheduling purposes as to when this set milestone is met. Naturally this being an ESRI platform this is merely one use out of thousands that would be possible if webhooks were enabled for indicators. Traffic, Emergency Management, Environmental, take your pick of industry, all use dashboards now. There are undoubtedly capabilities that have yet to be touched on for the information that is being shown in dashboard indicators, and webhooks is my idea for one of the export/actions to be added.

I'm excited to hear what the community or ESRI devs think about this, I look forwards to the discussion!

Many thanks & God bless,