Use field dates for last update text option

01-31-2020 09:08 AM
Status: Open
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Add the ability to use a field date to indicate the last update for a panel. Currently it only shows the last time the element's layer was refreshed. Being able to see the last date and/or time a survey was submitted or an edit was made would be more helpful

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This would be unbelievably helpful.  We use Survey123 as well to input data, and it would be great to have the option in Operations dashboard to sort the series based on a field date within a filtered data set (such as submitted date from a particular department or performance metric).


This would be very Helpful


Agree - this would be very helpful!


Similarly, a date from the layer's metadata and even a manually entered date would be helpful.  I have some government data that is from the Census with a known date, and I have some other data that I purchase once or twice a year. This would make it clear to the end users of the dashboard what the vintage of the various data elements is.  

A field date would work for displaying single records, but probably not where a sum, average, etc is being used.


Yes, please! 

I think others have also mentioned that it would be super helpful to be able to simply point to the date the hosted feature layer was last updated: 


The workaround I was able to achieve are as follows:

  1. Enable editing and last updated features for the hosted feature layer
  2. Create a list in Dashboards to read the feature layer
  3. Change maximum features displayed to 1
  4. Under Line Item Text in List options, insert the field "{EditDate}"
  5. The list element should show the date when a feature was last edited


  1. You can also format the {EditDate} field in a map viewer's pop-up
  2. You may need to apply some filters to get the latest edited date

Hope this helps!