Print out of full dashboard layout

06-21-2018 12:32 AM
Status: Open
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It would be very helpful to be able to print out the whole dashboard view/layout in AGOL and/or ArcGIS portal, i.e. map together with the widget information, not only the map.#agol #arcgisportal #print #dashboard #layout


Dashboard is the only app interface/template that provides much in terms of letting users filter by choosing from checkboxes, so we have dashboards that serve as general viewers (for example, a Park Finder that lets users filter by activity type). Users would like to be able to print the map view.


Would be super beneficial if the Operational Dashboard could have a print Widget.  You could specify which dashboard features to include in the print.  Currently, we have to take screen shots and use the snipping tool to obtain prints.


Printing the entire Operational Dashboard or individual widgets would be a huge advantage.  To create Board of Director reports, the users have to take screen shots - not an impressive solution.



Did anyone figure out any way to print the whole dashboard page to use in reports?

by Anonymous User

We are finding great value in the dashboards we've created, however, the most requested enhancement from our users is to be able to 1) print and 2) export selected data (.csv and .shp).  Please consider adding these functionality to Operations Dashboard.  Otherwise, we will have to explore recreating our app functionality with Web AppBuilder and/or custom JavaScript, both of which require much more investment in time and skills which are not options at the moment.  

If anyone has come up with a work around, please share.

Thank you.  


Waiting for this one as well, for now, I've created a little menu item in the Burger icon to "Ctrl-P"


Hi Nathan,

how did you do that ? I can only insert a link under the "sign out"


Heya Nathan

Did you add a "window.print()" variation as a link to do this?


We are running into two situations that this would solve.  The first is when users are using the dashboard to explore the data in different areas and want a way to refer back to or store the information at each location or for each selection as they progress, and the second is when the dashboard is being used as part of a decision point and the rational for the decision needs to be documented.  Having to use a screen capture is a less than optimal solution.

by Anonymous User

Printing from a dashboard is one, if not the one, most requested improvement. For our organization, to be able to print, is making the difference to make our dashboard successful and usable for our managers, they all would like to print.

Please, include an option to print !! #dashboardprinting