Operations Dashboard- URL Parameters Change Category Selector from "None"

07-26-2019 11:23 AM
Status: Open
Regular Contributor

When using a URL parameters for a Category Selector with "None" as the default, the url parameters do not change the default and instead just filter the drop down list. This in turn requires the user to intervene and pick the option from the drop down list ( please see image below). This is not intuitive nor does this fully achieve what the purpose of a URL parameter. Please change this functionality that URL parameters will be the default selection when configured with the Category Selector. 

Thank you!


When using parameters it also restricts the category list to only None & the value in the parameter. This defeats the purpose of using url parameters as an initial filter since the other categories do not exist as a selection. 


Definitely agree. Everyone who feels that the URL parameter should be allowed to simply link to a certain selector option (without filtering out the selector options), up-vote this other idea: Allow Operations Dashboard URL parameter to SELECT (not filter)