Operations Dashboard - Clear all filters

05-10-2018 09:26 AM
Status: Implemented
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Perhaps a button that removes all the filters set from left panel or widgets, instead of having to turn off all the filters one by one.


Yes! Being able to clear all filters with a single click would be great.


This would be incredible helpful!


great idea!


This would help a ton! Probably the most important improvement needed in the operations dashboard! (Also would be useful for the filter and query widgets in Web AppBuilder)


I came upon this by googling "arcgis operations dashboard clear all filters", since I was hoping to be able to achieve such a thing. Guess that isn't possible yet. =[

Please introduce this functionality!!!


It would be good if we get this functionality implemented in dashboard  ASAP


This would be very helpful. I have created a Dashboard that filters down to the project on the map, but there is no way to get back out of the rabbit hole (filter) that I have set for the user. Either Clear Filter functionality or a Back button would really help make this a good user experience. Thanks!! 


Definitely interested in this one too, frequently get lost in my rabbit hole and have to hit F5 to get back to the beginning


I think this idea is a no-brainer.  This would be especially useful for complex filter sets and/or multi selection filters with many categories.  Sometimes with a long drop down list with multi-selection enabled it can be difficult to find the one last filter category out of dozens that is still selected.  Could possibly be configurable to either only clear filters from the left panel (or top bar) filter sets or to clear all filters including selections from a bar graph/pie chart/etc.  

by Anonymous User

Obviously this would be great and hopefully it'll be coming soon, but has anyone found a workaround for the time being?