More Label Placement Options for Serial Chart

02-24-2021 07:52 AM
Status: Open
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With a Serial Chart, I'd love it if the labels could have label placement options (particularly for bar charts), akin to Excel.

What we get is the "outside end" placement, if we're using the Excel vocabulary. Switching to a stacked chart style gives us "center" labels.



I understand why "outside end" would be a bad choice with stacked bars, but why can't I pick "center" labels for non-stacked bars? Or pick the labels to be "inside base / end" for either?




Agreed. More label placement options in general would be great, but this one in particular is a great idea.


Agree with this an adding another use case.  When I'm charting temporal data I've noticed that the horizontal orientation places the labels between the bars. I get how this makes sense since the data falls between the two years, but it also makes it confusing which year each bar represents. It'd be nice to be able to center the label the same way that happens when the serial chart is in vertical orientation and each bar represents data for that year.


Vertical chart - labels centered

Vertical Chart labels.jpg












Horizontal chart - labels offset

Horizontal Chart labels.jpg