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12-06-2018 12:09 PM
Status: Closed
by Anonymous User
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I know it is possible to link views in ArcGIS Pro but does not seem possible to do so in Operations Dashboard (AGO). 

We would like to pan around in one window and have other windows within the dashboard pan similarly based on user panning.

by Anonymous User


This feature is available under the maps "Map Actions" tab.  See this site for more information about Actions.

Let me know if that is what you are looking for.


Can you link mapview to web app builder application view inserted using embedded content?

by Anonymous User

Miralem, you cannot currently link the Ops Dashboard map to an embedded Web AppBuilder application map.  This could be an ArcGIS Idea post on its own though.

by Anonymous User

Any chance of adding that option in the near future?

by Anonymous User

I can definitely see how this could be useful.  Unfortunately I do not know that this feature is in development currently.  I would first recommend making a new ArcGIS Ideas about linking Operations Dashboard map views with other applications such as from Web AppBuilder.  It could also link with something like Workforce or other configurable apps.

I would also look at the Dashboard theme for Web AppBuilder where you can get similar charts as Operations Dashboard along with the functionality of Web AppBuilder in a single app.

by Anonymous User

Is this not good a place to post this idea?

Status changed to: Closed

This idea has failed to gain traction, and we will close it. Please re-submit if you'd like it to be reconsidered by the the ArcGIS Dashboards community.