Embedded Credentials for Web Apps

05-18-2020 04:38 AM
Status: Open
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Currently, several dashboard applications I produce are shareable, but to controlled audiences. We embed dashboards into other systems which have credentialed access but would like to embed credentials into the URL, so users don’t have to login twice. Could credentials be added as a URL parameter?


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I understand the need here but I can tell you already, credentials in a URL is a really, really bad idea and is almost certainly not going to happen. The issue is that if you were to place credentials in a URL, they could easily be stolen. 

Alternatively, you could go the route of just sharing the item with everyone which would mean you don't need to login to view the dashboard. Though, I assume you require authentication because whatever is in the dashboard might not be something you want anyone to be able to access.

In that case, you're unlikely to find a solution to this without implementing an shared SSO between the platform hosting the pages where you are embedding the dashboards and the ArcGIS Enterprise where those dashboards are hosted, and even that might not quite work depending on your configuration.