Duplicate / Delete Group & Stack - Dashboards (inc Beta)

05-05-2020 07:16 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III


It would be great to be able to DUPLICATE and DELETE at the GROUP and STACK level in Dashboards. The same as Drag stack and Drag group.

It would save so much time building Dashboards with multiple parameters using the same layout. Then it is only a matter of updating some of the configuration.

This would also save the hassle of arranging and lining-up elements. Snapping or Guides would be very useful in Dashboards...

For example, I am building a Dashboard for water sampling data. For each sample, multiple tests are run. I want to show each set of results on a different tab (too much data for one view). The charts are the same though. If i could create one tab and then duplicate it 10 times, it would take a fraction of the time to build.

Thanks, Jamie.


I am creating a very similar dashboard to you, and I fully agree! I came here looking to see if the functionality is available. I would love the option to duplicate a group rather than recreating an identical layout 20 times.


I am all with you! In my case it is also mainly groups that I would like to duplicate but it would save me so much time if I would  not have to duplicate and rearrange each widget separately! And if could duplicate already in the right place, that would also be so helpful. If it would at least be duplicated to the right and not to the left...


Yes! Please add group duplication & delete.