Download 'selection' of filtered data from detail wiget

06-26-2023 04:09 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

The opportunity to download data from widgets is awesome and really powerfull in the operation dashboard. Unfortunately the download widget gives the end-user the full selection of 'raw' source data of the feature layer.

The next step is that there is an option to select specified fields for the export, that can directly used in by example tax models.  Unfortunately the specified described fields in the detailwidgets won't work through in the download (still source data).

The suggested workarround is currently to create a layer view with only the fields that are necceassry for the download. The only issue from this if you remove fields that are needed for the interactive selection process you get not the same selection for the export

Download data—ArcGIS Dashboards | Documentation


Detail widget - Download.jpg