Dashboard User Preferences

04-23-2019 08:49 AM
Status: Open
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It would be great to somehow implement user preferences for dashboards, so that a logged-in user can 'save' a dashboard with their own customized view of displays, widgets, and so on. Things like:

  • Dark vs Light theme
  • Which tabbed widgets are open by default
  • What basemap is used in the map widget(s)
  • What layers are on/off in the map widget(s)
  • Maybe even which category selections are active by default

That way, User-A can open the dashboard with a dark theme, Dark Grey Canvas basemap, and Firefly-symbolized layer, while user-B opens the same dashboard to an imagery basemap using a heatmap-symbolized layer, and User-C opens the dashboard directly to the tab of pie and bar charts. All of these options would be built in by the dashboard designer just like in any other dashboard, the only difference is that users can choose what elements are visible/enabled by default when they open it.

This would allow dashboards to be that much more versatile when they have multiple different end-users, reducing the necessary number of clicks on their end to get to the data/visualization they want to see. Currently, the only way to approximate this setup is to maintain multiple different dashboards, each catered specifically to a different user's preferences.


Big-time vote up, especially for the user-controlled ability to switch between Light and Dark (Night) mode. Right now we have to create and maintain 2 versions of a dashboard to accomplish this which adds administrative overhead.

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Yes agree! In addition I would love to see the ability to hide elements completely.   If you had a bad data dump or process run sometimes you want to hide certain indicators.  Now without deleting entirely you cannot do that.