Dashboard background coloring

02-20-2021 08:46 AM
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I live in Lynn and love our Covid-19 dashboard. I print it out daily (2 copies - English & Spanish) and post it on our common bulletin board to help us see progress/danger. Printing is a huge problem because the black background guzzles all of my black ink. I realize that you need different colors to track the data. Would there be some huge objection to a white background? Of course, I realize that the cumulative cases at the top are shown by a white line, but maybe those very thin lines could be black or some other color? 


Is this directed at someone on here who runs the dashboard?  A quick search showed it to be the Lynn Office of Emergency Management Emergency Planning Committee (lynnma.gov) 



The administrator/ owner of the dashboard could change the theme from Dark to Light. Also the background color of the elements can be changed, as desired.

ArcGIS Dashboard: Change Theme 



Thank you all so much. I have written this morning to Mr. Ricchi of the Lynn Emergency Planning Committee and enclosed this thread. Wish me luck. Hoping that soon we will not need the dashboard, but we cannot yet count our chickens with the uncertainty of the mutations. My city is a hot spot so whatever I can do to add to the motivation is worth it. The absence of black ink, though, would make it more economic for me. Thank you again.

Stay safe.