Dashboard actions driven by related table

07-02-2019 08:46 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

If I have a point layer showing assets and a related table in the same service which contains inspections on those assets I would like to be able to use the inspections table to drive the map in a dashboard. 

From what I can tell the current functionality allows me to use the related table in a dashboard list to filter the dashboard map via a common reference field. This works fine if the map happens to be zoomed to the extent of the filtered features but is less useful if the filtered feature is outside the current extent.

I can see two ways of dealing with this:

  1. Enhance the filtering action to include the option to zoom the map to the extent of the filtered features
  2. Provide an action for the list that uses attribute fields to specify the coordinates that the map should be zoomed to.  This could be useful in scenarios where there is no relationship defined between the table and layers on the map.