Create feature reports from the dashboard

04-09-2021 08:16 AM
Status: Open
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I have a dashboard that shows reports submitted through survey123.  The users want to save and print these reports so I've set up a feature report template on the survey123 website where they can do this.  But, it would be much easier if they could select the report on the dashboard and create the feature report from there.  

Here's a screenshot of the dashboard:




I'd love to see the feature report templates available within the Survey123 site made available more widely across the ArcGIS suite of apps. Absolutely an upvote from me.


Print screen or generate reports, along with printing and/or documenting data off of dashboards is easily one of the preeminent features I would like to see added to the application. As a daily user of dashboards, this is a common point of discussion and interest. I've added my own suggestion for dashboards in this topic as well and am happy to upvote any other suggestions that would relate to printing off data from dashboards. 

I am very eager to see where this goes, and I agree with @ChelseaTabor1 that having printable reports is a great idea.


I submitted this idea at my last position and have recently changed jobs and I've found myself needing this functionality at my new job as well!  I work for a water utility and we're using Survey123 for reporting water leaks.  I'm working on automatically generating feature reports and dropping them in a shared location as leaks are reported, but occasionally, we need to present leak report data for specific timeframes to inspectors.  We need an easy-to-use interface (a dashboard) for selecting the records to generate these reports.  I would love for them to be able to apply filters in the dashboard and have the option to generate a report all in the same place.


+1 We need this, agree 100% with @BrittanyBurson 


Is there anything available now? I have a need to print a report from a dashboard as well.