Allow Gauge widget to show progress with missing features

09-16-2022 07:38 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Currently, the gauge widget shows 'no data' whenever there are no features for the value with statistic sum. The gauge only appears if there is at least 1 feature that matches with the defined value in the gauge settings. It would be great if the gauge would still show the progress value, but at 0. 


For example:

I have 10 features, all with the status not started.

In the gauge I want to set the value as the sum of areas for the features that are completed. The maximum value is the sum of areas for all features.

2022-09-16 16_28_20-TEST_Waterways_Gauge.png

When there is no feature that has the status completed, the gauge shows 'no data', instead of showing a progress of 0 out of the total area.

What I get:

2022-09-16 16_30_31-TEST_Waterways_Gauge.png

What I want:

2022-09-16 16_35_28-TEST_Waterways_Gauge.png


For the statistic count, the gauge does show a progress of 0.