Allow Arcade expressions to reference the map, and not just the data source.

03-25-2021 07:46 AM
Status: Open
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I'm developing a damage assessment solution using a hosted feature service. I'd like to create a dashboard that displays a sum of the total estimated building damage cost based on a calculation in the map using the parcel where the collected assessments intersect.

I can't use a calculated field because those don't support offline maps, and being able to take my map offline is a hard requirement.

I created some Arcade expressions in my map popup to calculate things like Parcel ID, Building Value, and Estimated Damage Cost based on the parcel where the point intersects in the map, using the Intersects($map.Parcels, "") reference.

However, Dashboards won't let me use those expressions because it queries the data source, and not the map.  If there was an option to do so, it would make my life a whole lot easier.

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Agreed, this would be excellent. More and more my team I and rely on the Arcade geometry functions within the map, but when they don't persist downstream into the Dashboard it is frustrating. I also wish they would export with the table -- yes, I understand we'd have to wait for it to calc all the values each time, but this would be great.