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Ability to visualize dynamic featureset data expression in maps

06-29-2023 08:44 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

I am using a data expression in dashboards to Push Features into a combined dictionary to aggregated combined feature statistics in a dashboard. That dashboard also has a webmap ... but I need to add all the items to the map. What I'd like to do is automatically create a layer from the data expression that combines all 3 items into one centralized layer created through an arcade data expression. Is it possible to build something like this directly into the web map itself?

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  1. Dynamic Data Visualization: Ability to represent changing datasets on maps, such as population density or traffic flow.

  2. NYT Mapping Tools: Utilize New York Times tools or similar platforms for detailed mapping features.

  3. Customizable Layers: Add or remove layers of information as needed, like demographics or weather patterns.

  4. Interactive Maps: Engage with data by zooming in, filtering, and selecting specific areas for a closer look.

  5. Time Slider: View data over time with a sliding timeline to track changes or trends.

  6. Heat Maps: Use color-coded heat maps to highlight areas of interest, such as nyt and hotspots.

  7. Annotations: Add notes or markers to key locations for a personalized analysis.

  8. Integration: Combine maps with other nyt data sources, such as articles or historical archives.

  9. 3D Visualization: Enhance maps with three-dimensional representations for better understanding of terrain or structures.

  10. Geospatial Analysis: Perform complex analysis using geographic data, such as proximity calculations.

  11. Real-time Updates: Access live data feeds to keep maps current and accurate.

  12. Export & Share: Share maps easily or export data for further analysis outside the NYT platform.