Keeping Survey 123 custom reports in the iOS world: from Companion to Word?

03-18-2019 09:40 AM
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Field inspectors in my organization have some fairly specific needs. They want to fill out a form in Survey 123 on an iPad, and then later they want to have the survey content appear in custom reports, which they would then like to modify in the iOS version of Word before printing. 

My solution so far:

a) Inspector fills out survey in Survey 123 for iOS and submits it

b)  In the back office, an ArcGIS API for Python script runs periodically, generates custom report(s) (Word documents) based on data in the hosted feature layer and moves them to the personal content folder of the user who submitted the form

c) I would like the user to look at their content in ArcGIS Companion for iOS, find the report they need, have it open in Word for iOS and be able to edit it before printing.

Part c is easily done with a web browser on a PC, but the field staff would like to keep it 'all iOS' if possible. So far I've found that if I navigate to the report item in Companion, I can click Open and the only choice is to open it in the In-app browser. When I do that, it appears in a window where it appears to be read-only and it says at the top (this may be to do with the way I've opened Word documents in the past, perhaps, having only recently installed Word), and none of the options available after pressing the Share button seem to enable me to open it in the Word for iOS application. 

Changing the 'Open links in > '  setting in Companion from In-app browser to System default browser doesn't seem to yield any different results. 

I thought I'd try using the iOS Safari browser to try and access the report by logging in to the organization in the same way as on a desktop and navigating to the content. Under the default mobile view it can't seem to get at the report, clicking the item's thumbnail doesn't do anything. If I 'request desktop view' for the site, I can then get at the report. It appears in the browser window with an Amazon AWS URL, and from there I can hit the Share button and choose Copy to Word, which opens a read only copy in Word. I can then hit 'Save a copy' and edit that copy, at last!

If you're still with me, hopefully you'd agree that the Safari workaround seems like too many steps for an overworked field inspector to tackle, especially the 'request desktop site' part.

So, does anyone know if/how it would be possible to pick out a report in Companion and then send that to Word for editing? Or, if you can think of a different workflow that would achieve the same results I'd welcome that too, reluctant as I am to discard my painstakingly developed report generation script! I have considered emailing the Word documents directly to the users but I believe that would be tough to implement because of organizational policies and constraints.

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Hi there,

So if I understand correctly, you are looking to open a word document from Companion in a word editor. Even better if it opens in a Microsoft word app for iOS. Please log this with Support as an enhancement request.



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That's correct, thank you, I will.

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