Contract rent and gross rent as a percentage of income, but no gross rent?

03-22-2018 02:38 PM
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Hi Geonet community!

I'm building a report in Community Analyst and am interested in including gross rent broken into the number of households in different cost tiers from the Census ACS estimates (Census table B25063, for reference). I notice that Community Analyst has these data available for contract rent (table B25056), and even for gross rent as a percentage of household income (cool!), but not for gross rent itself. It seems unlikely that gross rent isn't available when these other two variables are, since I would think that gross rent is a lot more widely used. If it is available, and I'm missing it, would someone please direct me to the location of the variable?

If it is not available, but someone has had success calculating it in a report, would you please let me know? I'd rather not include a place-specific multiplier based on the comparative ratio between contract and gross rent, because I'd like to use this report in a variety of places where the ratio of utility costs to contract rent may be different.

If it is not available and no one has had success calculating it in a report, would ESRI please add gross rent to the available variables in an update?

For context---I'm attempting to automate the process of determining the affordable housing gap for different income brackets, and contract rent is vastly overestimating the amount of affordable units available in places where most households pay utilities separately.

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Hello David,

The Contract Rent detail was released in the Business Analyst/Community Analyst web applications before the Gross Rent as a percent of Income. The Gross Rent as a percent of Income came more recently based on demand from users.


Thank you for your data variable request. We will continue to watch this GeoNet post for additional Likes and will investigate implementing in a future release. In the meantime, you can use the Custom data setup capability in Community Analyst and bring in your desired raw ACS data from American FactFinder and use it within different workflows across the application.

I am including the link to the help documentation that explains Custom data setup.

Custom Data Setup—Community Analyst | ArcGIS 


Thank you,

Community Analyst Team

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