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Give users the option to skip creating a project

03-06-2024 01:34 PM
Status: Open
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Currently, if a user with the ability to create a group opens Community Analyst for the first time, they are forced to create a project before they can use the app. This creates digital clutter in our organization because we share a project among all Community Analyst users to reduce the number of duplicate reports run and to ensure that everyone is using the same geographies. Since everyone uses the same project, the forced project just sits in the user's profile and also creates a group in the organization that does not need to be there. The group has no metadata and often gets named something vague like "My Project" which makes administration of the portal challenging.

I propose giving all users the choice between using a project shared with them or creating a new project. Leave the option open so that users can take the guided tour when it's appropriate, but otherwise, save us from creating unnecessary content.

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