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Upcoming U.S. geography boundary changes in June 2024 release

05-10-2024 01:10 PM
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With the June 2024 data release, there are boundary changes to several U.S. geography types used in Community Analyst:  

  • ZIP Codes are updated with a new source for both 2023 and 2024 boundaries. 
  • U.S. Census county boundaries are aligned with Connecticut’s administrative changes. Block group boundaries are now known as planning regions. 
  • CBSAs have been updated to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) July 2023 delineations.  

As a result, saved sites and reports using out-of-date geographic boundaries will not be accessible in the Business Analyst Web App project pane. 

Check out Updated U.S. geographic boundaries in ArcGIS Business Analyst (June 2024) to learn more. While this blog article specifically mentions Business Analyst Web App, the changes are also applicable to Community Analyst.