Why is it so complicated to create a collector URL?

02-03-2013 09:51 AM
New Contributor III

I wonder why should I manually create the url for the collector map? why should I take the web map id, copy it to the url template, and copy the full url to my mail?
why can't the web map item page can have a button saying: create a collector url?

I have another problem with the Android version. While in iPhone I can open the url and collect features, my Android device does not recognize the same url and the application can't open.

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Esri Contributor

Getting maps on the collector app is something that will be improved in the next update.  Some android email clients dont support the URI schema links properly, I would encourage you to send a feature request to the app your using for your mail if possible.  The other workflow is just using the http:// link for the item details page of the map you're trying to share, it has a few extra steps but is much better supported.   As I mentioned though in the next update both these options will be secondary workflows and we will have a more streamlined in app experience for getting your collector maps.
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