When will feature snapping be available in Collector for Android?

07-27-2020 01:54 PM
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Regarding feature snapping in ArcGIS Collector for Android:

Could ESRI please advise:

In what year is the feature snapping functionality projected to be implemented for the Android Collector app?
- 2020?
- 2021?
- 2022?
- Not planned?

A realistic projection would be appreciated. We will be making project decisions based on the answer.

Additionally, will it be possible to specify a snapping tolerance (e.g. 5 metres) that would be used by the feature snapping mechanism?

Thank you.

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Esri Regular Contributor

Feature snapping is part of road map at Field Maps Android app, which include Collector functionalities. We plan to work on it during Q3 this year. I suggest you sign up our ArcGIS Field Maps beta program 

Esri Regular Contributor

@Bud this is now available in the released version of ArcGIS Field Maps.

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