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What devices work well with ArcGIS Collector?

06-18-2020 12:57 PM
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Hello everyone, I am trying to get started with using the ArcGIS Collector app to collect field data, and the app is crashing every time I open it on the tablet we purchased. What devices are you having good results with when using Collector?

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Are you using Collector Classic or Collector for ArcGIS? I would make sure you have done all the required updates for the devices, as well as the app.  

As for the devices success, our staff use iPads and iPhones of various generations mostly, and those seem to work well for us.  There is a handful of users that use their android phones, and I have not heard any complaints from them.  

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We're using Collector for ArcGIS. Everything is up to date, and we've been

working with Esri Canada to come up with a fix to no avail. We're aiming

for an android tablet, probably.

Caroline Spang, B.Sc.

Interpreter - Conservation Lands

Rideau Waterway Land Trust

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We use iphones and ipads and they work great, no 'classic' only collector.

Should you consider using an external gnss antenna because of better accuracy than your average phone perhaps read this:

Prepare for high-accuracy data collection—Collector for ArcGIS | Documentation 

because not all gnss antenna's are cerfified with all smartphones so when you choose android (or ios) today you may limit your choices tomorrow.

Regards, Bert

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