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What are the licensing costs for ArcGIS Collector

07-28-2014 11:44 PM
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If we have an organisation account in ArcGIS Online - can we use Collector? Are there any other costs associated? Any limitation on the number of users?

Thanks - Anthony

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Collector is a feature of arcgis online and is free to download and use, it is not limited to any amount of users.

The only cost you may occur is those associated with creating the hosted feature services on your online account.



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Hi Anthony - thanks for the response.

I think my question needs to go to this thread:

Cheers - Anthony

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Hi Anthony

You will (may) need to purchase named user license.

In 10.3 some named user licenses will be bundled with ArcServer.

You could technically use the one name for all users and this is against the license terms, and may defeat the purpose of wanting to use Collector; ie if you can't tell who uploaded the data may as well use a group source type solution.

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I am not completely sure how it all works, but here is my first shot at it.  You get one free functioning Collector license with each seat of ArcGIS.  I have ArcGIS Map and I get one license for one device (I think) and 100 credits.  You use up credits by loading things up to ARCGIS Online - more details here:

ArcGIS Online | Service Credits

Additional credits cost $100 for 1,000 credits.  I am just trying to lean how to use this extremely complicated program and I have used up 45 of my 100 credits.

TIP - only upload feature classes (layers) and not imagery to ArcGIS Online.  You can side load basemaps to the device just by sending them to your device as .tpk files - Warning - your imagery must have projection information or the imagery will not show up.  You can add the projection using the Tool Box.

You can also buy additional licenses above the one free license per seat, but it is very expensive, about $500/user if you need 5 users and less if you have many more users.  More details here:

ArcGIS Online | Pricing

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Hi Patrick -

The named user concept really needs more explaining by esri - when is one needed - when is one not. There is substantial grey going on in this area.

While you can download collector for free - it looks like you need to log into ArcGIS Online or Portal using a Named User account if you want to collect data - which is confusing considering the name of collector implies you want to collect. There is also a good discussion brewing here as well - good answer from Derek on the subject - and hopefully more details to come: Named Users?

We really like what we see in Collector and want to use it - however the cost per seat needs to be fully qualified before we can go down that path.

BTW - we can't see any pricing in Australia - we are geo-blocked. Probably the biggest disadvantage of having to go through a local distributor, is the premium that we pay for the same software in the USA. (Though the Australian Govt is looking to change the Copyright Act to allow us to access equivalent pricing by getting around being geo-blocked - but that is a whole 'nother issue). Esri isn't the only one - Apple, Microsoft, Adobe - they all do it...

Cheers - Anthony

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